When correctly implemented, remote learning creates opportunities for effective teaching and collaboration outside of the classroom. And in recent times, a school’s provision for distance learning has never been more important. 


The Educational Consultant has worked with a variety of schools to advise on the successful rollout of remote learning. From the recommendation of suitable technology to coaching the best ways to deliver the individual elements of specific lessons, The Educational Consultant takes pride in equipping the schools it works with to operate smoothly and efficiently when regular lessons are unable to take place. We support staff at all levels, from the strategic implications of leading and managing teams remotely, to the 1:1 coaching of individual class teachers and department heads. 


Our work with schools is centred around these principles of effective remote learning:

  • Tech is a means to an end. All lessons should focus on pedagogy and learning experience. Technology should not take centre stage and should merely be a facilitator to allow access to the teacher and resources.

  • You're still a teacher. Lessons still require (and draw upon) the skills and principles of class-based teaching. Teachers should not feel threatened by delivering their lessons virtually. If they do feel uneasy, they simply haven’t yet learnt the skills they need to teach in this new way.

  • Adopt the mindset of a learner.  This way of teaching will almost certainly require the acquisition of new skills.

  • Be safe. The methods you choose to adopt must be in line with the school’s safeguarding, eSafety, and GDPR policies.

  • Personality, not perfection. Make sure your lessons focus on strategies to maximise engagement and interaction.

5 principles of effective remote learning

Get remote learning ready

There is no 'one size fits all' solution for implementing remote learning in your school. Each setting will have slightly different requirements and opt for a different technology to reach their goals. Whether you choose to try ZOOM, Google Classroom, or Microsoft Teams, we can help you make the right choice for your school, allowing your pupils to effectively learn online. We then guide your staff through the processes involved in become remote learning literate. From thinking about the curriculum and how you can best deliver an engaging and exciting lessons, to the best procedures for feeding back and marking work.


And the best thing of all... we deliver our coaching and training remotely, putting into practice our beliefs that virtual learning can be as accessible and effective as face-to-face interaction. 

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I have been supporting a number of schools from the very first week they transitioned to online learning and teaching. 

Some schools are just starting out and I want to help you too - the best thing is you get to learn from all the successes and challenges I have been part of.

for those of you just starting out or if you need to go over the fundamentals. Click on the link below to arrange a time to talk