Frequently asked questions

Do you only work with schools?

No, we work with anyone looking for an insight into the education sector. We advise companies on how strategise for different age groups and settings, as well as individuals looking to pitch to educators.

Do you only work with headteachers and senior leaders?

No, we aim to help anyone who is currently working in a school. We advise senior mangagement on how to implement change in their schools, help subject leaders get the best from their department, and coach class teachers and support staff in their professional development.

Can you plan individual INSET sessions?

Yes, we can tailor our CPD and INSET sessions to fit your exact needs. We work closely with each school's improvement plan to ensure we are provding training and coaching in the areas that you need most.

Do you work with individuals or collective staff members?

Whichever you think would most benefit your setting? We can provide whole school INSET training or 1:1 individual coaching sessions. We also work with management teams and leaders as well as individual headteachers.