Our 'Summer School' courses run every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the summer holidays

Mondays - Digital
A course exploring theory and practice of effective online and blended learning
Tuesdays - Resilience
A course exploring character education, grit and resilience.
Wednesdays - Metacognition
Theory and practical strategies to use in your classroom
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Digital teacher stamps.png

Remote learning can be challenging enough without having to spend hours writing the same comments again and again on pupils' work.

Use these digital stamps to make marking a breeze.

user guides.png

Take a look at our user guides to help you on your way to easier feedback

Personalised teacher stamps.png

Up your 'digital' game by getting yourself a set of personalised stamps - The kids will love them!

Poster thumbnail.png

A set of 'return to school' posters  

I wanted to make a set of posters that were clear and make school safe but without being overwhelming for children. Please feel free to use and share if you think they might be useful.

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