Bespoke projects



Bespoke projects

Consultancy is our bread and butter.

We know what it takes to provide a high quality consultancy service. Good consultancy takes an in depth knowledge, intuative listening, coaching conversations and well constructed questioning. 

Bespoke projects allows us to demonstrate our huge adaptability and range of expert skills. 

Throw us a challenge and we will grab it with both hands.

Take a look at some of our past consultancy projects

Consultancy project #1 Digital Strategy

The Educational Consultant has been working with one of the largest Prep Schools in the UK, helping them to drive forward their innovative approaches to teaching and learning. A large focus has been establishing the processes for remote learning and integrating high-quality methods for learning online. We have provided whole staff training to introduce teachers and school leaders to the principles of successfully delivering lessons online. The Educational Consultant has provided 1:1 coaching sessions to guide teachers through this new way of working and has offered advice and support to maximise the success of delivering virtual lessons. We have ensured schools are aware of the safeguarding issues related to learning online and helped them to protect everyone taking part in virtual learning. As a result of the success of this work we have been retained to lead on their digital strategy with a view to embed digitally enhanced learning in the classroom.

Consultancy project #2

Curriculum Design

We have been involved in a number of curriculum design projects. No matter whether projects are big or small, curriculum design always has the pupils' learner journey at the heart of it. Whether it is designing a curriculum from scratch or focusing on a particular area of teaching and learning, curriculum design never fails to get the creative juices flowing

Consultancy project #3

School design

The Educational Consultant has a long-standing working relationship with this multinational school design company. Providing consultancy in a variety of forms, we have helped to generate new leads, developed lasting partnerships with schools, and advised on best practice when dealing with educational matters. The Educational Consultant has attended trade shows and conferences on behalf of this company, liaising with headteachers and school leaders to provide knowledgable insight to this design companies offering. We visit schools to complete design audits, using our educational expertise to determine exactly what schools are seeking from a refit and making informed suggestions for renovation projects. The Educational Consultant also produces content and copywriting for this company to use in their marketing material and online output, providing expert insight into current trends and relevant topics.